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Tests for Determining Identity of Causes

Abatement is either a stay or a dismissal of a suit[i].  In common law, abatement is dismissal of a suit whereas in equity; abatement is suspension of a suit[ii].  Abatement is the complete extinguishment of a cause of action[iii].  The purpose of abatement is to save the time and expense of a trial when the suit of the plaintiff cannot be maintained in the form it was originally presented.

The essential requisites of the plea or defense of another action pending are:

  • Both suits must be based on the same or substantially same cause of action[iv] and relief;
  • Both actions must arise out of the same transaction[v];
  • Causes need not be identical, but a substantial similarity is required[vi]

There are certain tests that determine identity of cause of action in two suits for the purpose of abatement.  They are:

  • Whether the same relief is obtained in the first action[vii];
  • Whether the judgment obtained in one suit is pleaded in bar, or as res judicata against the other[viii];
  • Whether all the actions between the parties can be determined in prior action[ix];
  • Whether the same evidence supports both actions[x].

If the above mentioned conditions are fulfilled, then the subsequent suit can be abated.  However, if a judgment in the first action does not constitute a restriction to the subsequent action, then a subsequent action can be made[xi].

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